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25 Political Scientists to Follow on Twitter

I admit it, I am a curmudgeon when it comes to Twitter. I like my feed to be informative, something that keeps me updated and informed, that provokes new ideas and makes me reflect. Holiday pictures? Put them on Instagram. Entertaining videos? Share them on Facebook. For me Twitter is a learning tool. So I wanted a Twitter list of political scientists who primarily share interesting content and not pictures of the view from their hotel room.

Over the summer I reviewed many political scientists on Twitter and also some of the Twitter lists that already exist. Most of these lists are huge. For example, 1,900 on this list of political scientists. I have tried to create a much shorter list which still covers a variety of viewpoints and interests.

View The Political Scientists List on Twitter

Below I have set out details of the list and example tweets from each person included. The list is biased towards my interest in media and communications, towards Europe and includes four academics from LSE where I am studying. But hey, it is my list.

If you find it helpful you can subscribe to the list or take it as a base to create you own custom list. If you just want to see the articles the people on the list are sharing I have set up an Anders Pink briefing here which displays these articles.

If you just want to see new articles published by political science academic journals you can use this Twitter list of 55 political science journals.

The List: Political Scientists on Twitter

Rasmus Kleis Nielsen

Director of Research at Reuters Institute for Journalism and Professor of Political Communication, University of Oxford. I really enjoy the research he shares on the future of media and journalism.

Sara Hobolt

Professor of European politics at LSE. Works on elections, public opinion, EU politics and Brexit.

Zeynep Tufekci

Associate Professor, UNC School of Information and Library Science. Author of Twitter and Tear Gas, interested in radical movements and political mobilisation.

Corey Robin

American political theorist, journalist and professor. Corey often offers different and challenging perspectives on Twitter.

Eszter Hargittai

Professor in the Institute of Communication and Media Research at the University of Zurich.

Nick Anstead

Associate professor working on political communication at LSE.

Pippa Norris

Comparative political scientist at Harvard and Sydney Universities.

Matthew Goodwin

Professor of Politics at University of Kent with a focus on populism.

Elizabeth Dubois

Professor at University of Ottawa, interested in the intersection of politics and technology.

James Dennison

Political scientist at the European University who retweets a lot of interesting stuff, including this:

Florian Foos

Behavioral Political Scientist at Kings College London. Florian is an avid retweeter of interesting articles such as this one.

Chris Hanretty

Professor of Politics at the University of London.

Duncan McDonnell

Professor at Griffith University in Australia with a focus on populism.

Kathleen Searles

Professor of political communication. Tweets about political campaigns and media.

Barry Eichengreen

Professor of Economics and Political Science, University of California.

Annette Markham

Professor and social media researcher with a focus on ethics.

Nick Couldry

Professor of Media, Communications and Social Theory at LSE.

Catherine De Vries

Political scientist at the University of Amsterdam.

Toby James

Head of Politics at UEA. Focuses on elections and political campaigns.

Gary King

Political scientist and professor at Harvard, has a focus on data and social media.

Lauren Copeland

Political Scientist & Survey Researcher at Baldwin Wallace.

Larry Sabato

Director, UVA Center for Politics.

Simon Hix

Professor of political science at LSE with a focus on Europe and elections.

Michael Bossetta

Social Media and Politics Researcher at University of Copenhagen, runs the really useful SM&P podcast.

Monkey Cage

Tweets from the Monkey Cage blog which aims to connect political science to the political conversation.