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Think Europe is Ageing? Take a Look at Asia

There has been a lot of discussion recently about the ageing population in Europe and America, and the coming pensions crisis. However, half of the world's population aged over 60 live in Asia. By 2050 this will rise to two thirds of people aged over 60. Sixty one percent of these people will be women.

Less than a third of these people over 60 in Asia receive a pension, relying on traditions of family and community support for older people. These older women are therefore very vulnerable to poverty and governments will need to address these issues of longevity. However, it has also been argued that these countries could gain from a longevity dividend if these people work beyond 60. The absolute number of people over 60 may also be less relevant than the ratio of young people to older people. It will be interesting to see how these ageing issues unfold over time.

The chart below shows the population over 60 by global region and forecast growth to 2050.
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